Love Those Patterns!

If you’ve ever wondered why there are so many busy patterns in the Handmade Yoga catalog, here’s your answer.Love those patterns

For those who struggle with a wandering mind during class, it’s hugely beneficial to have a focal point. Often, yoga studios or your Love those patterns!space at home will not be covered in colorful patterns or mandalas. The prints on Handmade Yoga items can help with that!

Having a focal point during practice can help you to keep your mind busy without making to-do lists, thinking of deadlines, or stressful interactions you had during the day. Whether it’s an object, pattern, or mural in your studio, find a part that you can stare at, during your practice. This focal point helps especially during balance poses.

Whether it’s your strap, a yoga pillow, meditation cushion, or even your yoga bag, position it where you can see it during your practice. When you find yourself in a stressful position and need a focal point, concentrate on the floral patterns. Follow a vine across your bag. Love those patterns!Notice the detail in a southwestern print eye pillow. Count the stitches on your cushion. Use the details we have included to help you deepen your practice.