It’s getting harder and harder to find unique things. Things that remind you of a place, a moment in time. What does it say that you can buy the same shirt in New York City that you can buy in Beaumont, Texas? That you can visit the same chain in Oklahoma City that you see on the high street in London?

I sewed my first bag in 2007 from a pattern in Yoga Journal, taking the generic pattern and making it my own. Later, I was attending a prenatal yoga class while pregnant with my second baby when my teacher asked where I got my beige, flowered bag. A dozen bags later, Handmade Yoga was born, and over five years later, my bag still looks like the day I hand sewed it because of the sturdy fabric I sourced for it.

Handmade Yoga makes goods for one person, one at a time. The materials for each bag are handpicked and handmade into a unique creation just for you.